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Liquid, Badda General for tour

AFTER releasing Barrel in February, dancehall singjays Badda General and ZJ Liquid are gearing up for the Barrel Tour in the United States next month.

“We are following the data from the pandemic and state policies regarding. We are starting in the US as the planned states have venues which are open although some have restrictions,” said Badda General.

The artistes will be visiting: Florida; Georgia; Texas; North Carolina; South Carolina; Washington, DC; Pennsylvania; and New York.

Barrel was produced by Gold Up Music, and both artistes are pleased with its success since its release.

The Barrel remix helped ZJ Liquid and I reach worldwide audiences with our music. The remix became a social media hit, spawning loads of funny video skits and re-enactments,” said Badda General, whose given name is Omari Lawrence.

The duo is known for other tracks like State of the Union, Curfew, Current Events JA, Trending News Jamaica, and Cream Crackers.

“We expect to connect with fans, give them a great dancehall experience and bring our collaborations, which became popular during the pandemic, to life,” ZJ Liquid told the Observer.

ZJ Liquid (given name: Michael Brrissett) dropped his fourth album, Point of View, last year.

— Kediesha Perry

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