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"1DROP" Zj Liquid - Reggae EP Out Now


“Leaders promise the youths them, make sure you ah deliver,” states ZJ Liquid. “Caw when the youths them hungry, you know it ah go bitter.” These blazing bars appear on “Fade Away,” a remake of the 1970s reggae classic. The track is just one of the standout cuts on Liquid’s new album One Drop, distributed by Johnny Wonder. After Wayne Marshall sings the hook “He who believes in vanity and alla kill people fi them BlackBerry, they shall fade away.”

One Drop showcases a different side of the multi-talented Montegonian radio personality, DJ producer, and artist. As his name suggests, ZJ Liquid can do it all, flowing seamlessly amongst his multiple roles. Where his last album, Mobay Son, focused on hardcore dancehall hits, the man born Michael Brissett knows his roots and culture as well.

Every Wednesday he used to hold a vibes at Pier One, chatting on the mic with various local sound systems over all types of rhythms. Once known as “Lippo” he took the name Liquid when he relocated to Kingston and began to spin for Zip FM. Since then he’s evolved into more than just an internationally known DJ—who has spun all over the world and live on BET—he’s also a top producer and an artist in his own right.

Since establishing the H20 label in 2004 with the French Vanilla riddim, Liquid has emerged as one of Jamaica’s top producers, with top riddims like ‘Good Book’ and ‘Fix Up’ running the dancehall. He’s also proved to be a consistent supporter of new talent. Now it’s time for him to get his full respect as an artist as he highlights his ability to tackle foundation rhythms and emphasizes the versatility of lyrical subject matter. One Drop may come as a surprise to some, but listen with open ears as this album is destined to become a modern classic.


1. “Life Real”

2. “Chant A Psalm”

3. “Blame Me”

4. “Call Me”

5. “One A Way”

6. “Fade Away” ft. Wayne Marshall

7. “Holding On”

8. “Fraid Fi Go Home”

9. “Under Mi Sensi”

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