Known to the world as ZJ LIQUID, Michael Brissett is a real-life success story. Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, young Liquid started off his career playing at house parties, before transforming himself into one of the most heavily demanded Disc Jockeys (DJs) in the Caribbean region and overseas. Today, Liquid is known for his work with ZIP 103 FM, “Jamaica’s Party Station” synonymous with playing the newest hits. He can be credited for making ZIP FM the hottest station in Jamaica, through his unique and innovative methods of captivating his audience, by creating different themes, show ideas, and creating slangs like “Yu zee it”.

While attending Cornwall College in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Liquid’s interest in music piqued. With popular entertainment spot Pier One at his disposal, he experimented with all genres of music, and started playing at the venue on Friday nights. This experience exposed him to all musical genres based on the diversity of the audience- “You have a lot of tourists, so you can't just go there and play dancehall, you have to be able to cater to your audience which in this case although appreciated authentic Jamaican music, still wanted familiarity through hip hop, R&B, alternative pop and Soca" he pointed out.

His first radio experience came at HOT102, when it was based in Montego Bay, where he played as part of the duo, DJ Lippo and Master Wayne. This was a key step in Liquid’s development, as he was faced with making the transition to a radio personality. "I used to play after Barry G (Jamaica’s most respected DJ in the 80s and early 90s), so I used to go early and watch him and learn some things from him," he said. His radio training continued when he joined ZIP 103 FM at its inception in 2002. He underwent voice training with Broadcaster Fae Ellington and former Programme Director Judith Bodley who, he said, stressed the importance of self-analysing.


Liquid is more than just a DJ however, as he has several credits to his name.  In 2004, the multi- talented individual decided to venture into production, partnering up with the likes of Don Corleon to produce projects such as Elephant Man’s “Crazy Hype” and Assassin’s “Girls Gone Wild”. He has also produced several rhythms including Slow Bounce, 12 Gauge, French Vanilla, Bluetooth, Pre-Release, among others for which he has signed distribution deals for some through VP Records.  

production, and his biggest hit to date “Wifey Walk Out” for artiste Seanizzle. Dweet Girl”, produced by veteran DJ Delly Ranks, followed by “Party Hard”- a Don CorleonBeyond his producing and DJ skills, Liquid has transitioned to another level of his artistry by flexing his skills as an artiste. His first official single was “



Liquid describes himself as “focused youth” who ensures that whatever he does he takes seriously. This focus and commitment coupled with his skills and growing popularity captured the Red Stripe team, who signed him to a 3-year deal in 2009. Through this collaboration, he was integral in the launching of the now popular Smirnoff Dream Weekend Negril series in 2009 as their only exclusive DJ. 

Liquid’s accolades during the span of his career has been boundless. In his 16-year tenure at ZIP 103 FM, he was voted the most popular 'ZIP Jock’ by listeners in 2006 (inception of the award programme), and 2007-2010. He has also received Youth View Awards’ (equivalent to the US Teen Choice Awards) ‘Radio Personality of the Year’ in 2009 and the ‘Disc Jock of the Year’ award in 2010 and 2012. He then went on to receive the Music Industry Achievers ‘Disc Jock of the Year’ award in 2010-2012 and 2014 and 2015. In 2012, the Jamaica STAR Awards (Jamaica’s most popular print media) awarded him ‘Disc Jock of the Year’. His achievements continued internationally when he received the ‘Best international Selector of the Year’ award by South Florida Awards in 2010. In 2014, after hosting the Arthur Guinness Day Concert ZJ Liquid was nominated for ‘Reggae DJ Of the Year’ at the distinguished Global Spin Awards.

In 2015, Liquid continued to amaze many by releasing his “Worl’ Boss” Mixtape, the “Crocodile” Rhythm and the “Fix Up” Rhythm which dominated the local airwaves.

By 2016, ZJ Liquid delved deeper into production, producing multiple hit rhythms to include his international album “M Squared”. Before the year ended, ZJ Liquid released the “Vybz School” rhythm, the “Yard Man” rhythm and his “ZJ Liquid the Artiste” mixtape.

Continuing his path to dominance, ZJ Liquid found himself on top once again in 2017, with releases such as: The “Malibu” rhythm, “Giggi” rhythm and the controversial “Vybz Kartel Black and White” album. In the peak of his 2017 success, Liquid made his way to the Red Bull Culture Clash as a part of the Unruly team that walked away with the clash title and landed him a feature on Red Bull Radio. With not much time left in 2017, ZJ liquid continued up the musical ladder by landing a spot on the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise for the fourth year standing. 

Liquid has travelled across the world to North and Central America, Canada, England, other Caribbean Islands and Dubai. He continues to build his appeal and connectivity by keeping up with technology and touching fans through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and his newly launched website.

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Kingston , Jamaica